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*Rescues Contact Us About our Custom, Worry Free Shuttles for Your Group Only!

The following is our step-by-step guide to set-up a rescue transport with us.

*Step One: Read through our Routes & Directions page to determine if we can transport for you.
*Step Two: Read through our Schedule page to check for available dates.
*Step Three: Review our Rates & Payments page to become familiar with our fees and accepted methods of payment.
*Step Four: You must follow the instructions detailed within our Requirements page in order to continue forward, which includes completing the forms provided.
Feel free to call us at 1-484-626-1DOG if you have any questions or would like assistance in filling out the forms.

Additional Things to Know

Things we provide:
  • Hospital Size/Grade Bed Pads
  • Blankets
  • Life's Abundance All-Natural Food, Water, and Daily Vitamins
  • Toys and Treats
  • Doggy Dens Are Cleaned/Sanitized With All Natural "dog/puppy" Friendly Products Throughout Each Day
  • Scheduled Stops To Stretch Our Legs and Those of Our Dogs
  • Lots and Lots of Love!

*The Shuttle is Completely Stripped and Sanitized after each Run,  with Cages "Dressed" and Ready to go for the Next Group of Rescues 

When boarding your dog(s) for transport:

Feeding- Please do not feed your dog or puppy at least 6 hours before boarding the transport, depending on when you are meeting the transport to drop off your dog(s). This helps to prevent upset stomachs, especially in the puppies. We do feed lightly 2-3 times per day and your dog(s) have access to water at all times.

To learn more about the all natural products we feed our dogs please go to Life’s Abundance.

Collars/Tags- Have a collar or vet tag with the name of the dog on it in permanent marker. The best scenario is to have a dog tag attached to the collar with the dogs name and a phone number of a contact person, in case the dog gets loose during transport. All dogs are walked with handmade slip leads to ensure the dog does not get away .from either pulling its head out of its collar or the collar breaking.

Paperwork- Have the paperwork and health certificate in an envelope or Ziploc bag with the dog's name and both who the dog came from and to whom it is going to.

Personal belongings- Your dog can travel with a blanket, special toy or a bone. Do not to send bags of stuff as it is hard to keep track of with so many dogs and it can be hectic at the drop off points up north and the bags are sometimes forgotten. If it is a must, please have the bag, such as a large Ziploc bag that closes securely, clearly marked with the dog's name and who it is going to name and phone number and let the receiving in know as well to ask for the bag.

Aggression- Please let us know if your dog has a problem with men or is very crate protective so I can let our drivers know to handle the dog with extra care. Currently, all of our drivers are male, so this can present a big problem in getting the dog out of the crate for a walk.

When picking up your dog(s) from transport:

Bring a leash. Bring a few doggie treats...that is a great way to break the ice and to show your dog(s) that you are a fabulous adopter. Bring a crate or a seat-belt harness to make sure your new family member will be secure in the car on his/her way home.

Regarding Social Media

At CareFree Canine, we want, love, and highly encourage the use of social media to post pictures and videos of your newly adopted r-- on your sites and ours. At each stop we will photo you with your new rescue (weather and operations permitting) and post it to our Facebook and Twitter pages. HOWEVER, we ask that for the safety of our drivers, yourselves, and your rescues, that you refrain from communicating times and transport information of delivery locations. 

Please feel free to post all the photos you want on our Facebook page:

As well, please join us on Twitter:

Everything we do is premised upon the idea of being "connected". We operate our business live, stream live (coming soon), and stay up-to-date by constant and vigilant communication. So, if you have questions about our request above, or for any reason whatsoever, we encourage you to contact our dispatch person right away. They're available -Live!- during normal business hours, yet you can still communicate with them night or day. They have access to the drivers/owners phone numbers, and can quickly and efficiently contact them when needed. 

"It takes two," is an appropriate expression when it comes to our business, because while we take advantage of technology and use good old-fashioned customer service to do right by all involved, we cannot do it without your cooperation. For that, we thank you.


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