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Guiding Eyes for the Blind

A 50-year-old school is helping to train dogs give back the freedom and independence to people across the globe.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a dog training school that gives people who are visually impaired a lifetime of support. They graduate more 7,000 dog teams and usually use yellow and black Labradors.

They have a program called Puppy Raising because puppies are not born as guide dogs. They breed their own dogs and give them to families to help the puppies become socialized. They have a lot of repeat raisers where people come back again and again to raise puppies and give them back to the school to start their training.

The training includes making sure the dog knows when to stop and they bring them out to get them used to sounds such as ambulances or police cars. The dogs have to become used to these sounds so when they are helping someone who is visually impaired, they cannot become startled.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind also trains dogs for other things like training them to help with autistic children or people who have cerebral palsy. But if someone were to see a guide dog, petting them isn’t always the best idea. The dog can be distracted and the person using the dog can become startled or having a feeling of being lost.

These dogs are the eyes for people who do not have the ability to see. They are trained and raised with love to give back to people who need them. They can provide a lifetime of freedom and independence to many people.

We Sew 4 You "Classy Collars"

Are you looking to jazz up your pup?  We Sew 4 You “Classy Collars” makes beautiful collars for all breeds, any size!

We Sew 4 You started out with a love for sewing. As a family owned business, the owners of started out by making handkerchiefs for dogs and grew from there into what it is today. Their collars have been shipped all over the world, and have even been donated to therapy dogs and shelters.

Customers can pick any fabric they’d like and if that fabric isn’t currently being utilized for Classy Collars, We Sew  You will search high and low for it. There are three different collars that they create: martingale-style collars, black clip collars and slip on collars. The martingale gives more control over the animal without the harmful effect that choke collars have. These collars are also called humane choke collars and are made for larger dogs with larger necks.

The black clip collars are collars that clip around the dogs neck at the smallest point. It’s an everyday collar and can be used to medical and identification tags so dogs can’t get lost!

Slip on tag collars are to be slipped over the head and be only used to tags. For safety reasons, some dog owners don’t like to leave other collars on their dogs in the home so these collars are great in case a puppy runs off to play. They still have all their tags but also put dog owners at ease.

We like to look nice, for special occasions or to make ourselves feel better so there’s no reason a dog can’t be spiffy! And what’s better than giving a dog a collar handmade with love?!


My Buddy's Box

My Buddy's Box is a brand new company, and one that is quickly gaining notoriety throughout the nation. This successful new business sends a big box right to a customer’s door-- filled with that owner's hand-picked treats for their canine friend.

My Buddy’s Box came about in January 2013 when the owners decided that toys, food and treats sold at pet stores were too expensive... especially for puppy-owners that can't keep their toys for very long. So My Buddy’s Box was born.

This company is designed with dogs of all ages and breeds in mind. Customers go onto the website (www.mybuddysbox.com) and decide what they want in their dog’s box. My Buddy’s Box has a wide variety of treats that customers can pick and choose from that they know their furry ones will love. It comes once a month and is a hit so far!

The idea behind the box is to give dogs something to look forward to that won’t break the bank. It comes with five to seven things each month and it can be something different every time because it is hand picked by customers. But it’s not only treats for pets. Customers can select from toys to necessary items like shampoo or doggie bowls for a fraction of the cost. And if a dog likes a certain treat, customers can make sure that treat is in the box next month!

Not only does My Buddy’s Box help customers save money, they allow dogs to feel special since they make our lives feel full and happy. Share & Care allows customers to donate a box to a doggie in need or to a fellow friend. They can choose this while checking out and My Buddy’s Box will send a box to wherever the customer chooses!

Also make sure to fill out a dog’s birthday so they can get a complimentary gift from My Buddy’s Box to let them know it’s their special day!

The Center for Animal Health & Welfare

It’s rare that a shelter can stay strong for so many years but a shelter in Easton,
Pennsylvania --The Center for Animal Health & Welfare-- has managed to stay open and celebrate its 100th year this year!
Founded in 1913, The Center is a non-profit, no-kill shelter that has been dedicated to giving needy animals a safe and healthy environment. They rely mainly on donations and volunteers to keep their organization running and have maintained their success through the efforts of a great many warm and loving human beings.
The Center provides low costs to spay and neuter animals, as well as a wonderful fostering
program to help give animals a break from the shelter and some one-on-one loving.
It can sometimes be hard going into a shelter and seeing all the animals that don’t have
loving homes but The Center for Animal Health & Welfare has found a great way around
that. The shelter believes strongly in the no-kill policy- which is why they provide many
options and programs for animals in the area, including bringing animals, mostly dogs, to pet stores, and various public events where people can adopt them and give them a "forever home!"
The Center also provides counseling if owners need to re-home pets when they can no longer provide what the animals need. They help with lost and found pets too by allowing pet owners to use their networks to help find a lost animal. 
While The Center is a large organization with plenty of volunteers, these wonderful folks are always looking for extra help! 


For pet owners everywhere, finding the right food for their furry loved ones-- can be frustrating. Supermarkets often carry a multitude of brands and most of us don’t have the time to stroll down the pet aisle to determine what's best. Thankfully, one company has made this step easier.
It sounds too good to be true, but PetFlow, a pet food delivery service, has come up with a fast and easy way to get food, toys and many other goodies to customers without them having to leave their homes. PetFlow allows customers to browse among hundreds of brands, like Blue and Iams, and choose how often they want it sent to their homes. But, as mentioned above, they are not limited to pet food alone.
Spoiled Rotten is a fairly new concept for PetFlow. It’s something customers can do for their dogs or cats to let them know they are loved unconditionally! It’s a box that contains a multitude of  goodies for soon-to-be-spoiled pets, available to be delivered to their doorstep as often they’d like! Customers can purchase for cats, dogs or both and they will get $40.00 worth of products, like food and new chew toys, for $24.99. If a new puppy loves their new toy or a fancy feline likes their treat that came in Spoiled Rotten, customers can purchase those items separately.
PetFlow will be expanding soon to providing goodies for other pets such as guinea pigs and birds and will be launching a new website in the near future. PetFlow allows customers to feel at ease knowing their pets are getting high quality products, at a good cost with great convenience.
We think you'll agree-- Once you try PetFlow, there will be no other place to go!

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