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Nearly everyone agrees that dogs and puppies are cute and adorable, loving and playful, and unconditionally loyal. Americans love their four-legged friends, as evidenced by our having approximately 80 million dogs within our homes, but the sad reality shows us that there are untold millions that are abandoned, abused, and killed-- every year.

CareFree Canine's (CFC) Owner/Operator's -Vickie Richards and Steve Novak- share a passion for animals, especially dogs, and it was through Vickie's volunteer work at various animal shelters that she learned about these unfortunate millions, and subsequently- the animal transport business. Vickie was immediately drawn to the idea of traveling throughout the country to bring dogs that have been saved from abuse, abandonment and other horrible situations, back to their eventual adoptive home. She took the idea of starting their own transport business to Steve, and he readily agreed. With an extensive background in business development, and years dedicated to helping others follow their dreams, Vickie decided it was time to follow her own. When asked about this, she explained, “I've had animals all my life, and from the time I was a little girl my dream job was to be working with them.”

By utilizing Vickie's impressive business acumen and Steve's business and extensive musical skill-set, they realized the plan they were setting in motion would make them unique in the industry.

Having the ability to watch as an adoptive pet is picked up from their rescuer and lovingly cared for on the return trip back to the adoptive Forever Home, is a beautiful thing, and having Steve, who is a very accomplished musician, riding along and playing soothing music- brings another amazing element that simply cannot be matched.

Please check out our Transport Page to find out more about our schedule, rates, transport requirements, and where in the U.S. we travel to and from, and then head to our Reservations Page to begin this amazing journey!

Vickie Richards' Bio

The Founder of CareFree Canine (CFC), Vickie Richards is a veteran saleswoman and owner of the business development firm, VR Ventures. Though accomplished in the business world, Richards is a genuine and caring person that loves people and animals, and employs her exceptional skills to help charitable foundations and animal rescue operations run more efficiently and effectively.

CFC incorporates a rescue transport that streams live and recorded video and audio for a wide audience, including the rescuers, fosters, adopters and animal lovers to follow along on her team's journeys. Providing a transparent and unique way for people to see what its like to be part of a rescue operation was a key element in the development of the business, and it's only the beginning. She shares, “The Transport is just the start of a much larger vision that I have planned out for the next few years.”

Richards' history of high-responsibility jobs gives weight to her words – U.S. Army Air Traffic Controller and Trainer, FedEx Owner/Operator, Safe House volunteer, American Indoor Football Association Manager, and Franchise Saleswoman/Business Developer. In addition, she ran highly successful B2B and D2D operations in the south for nearly six years, before relocating to Baltimore, MD, where she continued to work with individuals interested in sales and marketing careers.

It speaks to Richards' appeal to know that companies nationwide actively seek out her consultation in regards to their business operations.“It’s hard to describe what I can do, because I’ve done so many things,” she says. “Each project has a life of its own. I can help existing companies that are restructuring, reorganizing, or expanding through franchising or territory licensing. I can help new entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground floor up. I can be as “hands on” or “hands off” as they need.  I can start them up, research and lease locations, develop standard operating procedures and other documents, teach them to handle their management issues, hire and fire the people on their staff... then walk away when the job is done.”

Currently living in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Richards is applying her business savvy to benefit new start-ups and established firms, outside of her efforts in running CFC.

To reach Vickie directly, e-mail her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 484-626-1DOG.

Steve Novak's Bio

Co-Founder of CareFree Canine (CFC), Steve Novak plans on combining his musical talents with his passion and love of animals to help ease the transition of dogs that have been through horrific situations, in order to get them to their final destination of safety and love. He says he'll do this by creating and playing songs on the guitar while traveling as part of the CFC transport team. He explains, “Playing soothing music benefits not just we as people, but the animals as well... offering a comfort that they may have never experienced.” It is dedication like this that differentiates CFC from other transports.

A 50-year old Whitehall, Pennsylvania native, Novak radiates creativity and artistry. While most would be fortunate to learn to play a single instrument with any semblance of quality, Novak plays a multitude of them quite impressively. Beginning his musical journey at 13-years old, the self-taught youngster discovered an aptitude for music, picking up a bass guitar quite naturally. He honed his craft over the years and further added electrical and acoustic guitar, classical guitar, mandolin, violin, and ukulele to his growing skill-set, while expanding his harmonic gifts outward to include percussion and the piano. Novak began playing gigs when he was 20-years old, and shares his reason behind his drive to be the best songwriter and musician he could be, “My determination to learn music without lessons is attributed to the way my parents taught me to be persistent and never give up.”

In 1999, Novak  was nominated for the Best Bass Player in the Lehigh Valley. Influenced by musicians such as The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heap, Deep Purple, RUSH, Kansas, Genesis, and other 1970's R & B/Rock bands, Novak would go on to record two albums (Traveler—1987 and Everwake—2002). His gifts were noticed, as Darrell Miller of Sony Recordings invited Novak to play music and produce George Benson.  Adding even more to his resume', Novak has done voice overs and commercials. In 2012, he began Novak Entertainment Group (NEG) and is a musical instruments broker, dealing with sales, repairs, tech support, and teaching music to others.

Currently, Novak is writing, creating and recording music for his first self-titled solo album. In the future, he wants to produce music from other artists, film scores, comedy, and original music, in addition to his own musical endeavors. As if all of this talent was not enough, Novak is an excellent visual artist-- sketching, drawing and painting with the same passion as his other gifts.

Regarding his talents, he shared, “I’ve never taken these gifts lightly. I take time -every day- to focus on self expression and to stay in contact with my spiritual nature.”

To reach Steve directly, you can e-mail him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Greg Pappas' Bio

The newest member to the CareFree Canine (CFC) team, author/writer and entrepreneur Greg Pappas brings the same dog-loving passion to the business, but adds a different skill-set to an already impressive group.  The 47-year old Pappas does the bulk of the content writing and runs the Tale Wagging blog as well. Pappas is also intimately involved in the development and implementation of CFC's social media campaign.

Pappas has owned multiple small businesses, and has a strong Customer Service and Sales background.

In February 2010, Pappas' first novel -SoulBound- was published... the first of a series. He is currently writing numerous novels, while working with various businesses on both their web content and business development. However, his greatest passion -outside his daughter and family- lies with a project he's been cultivating for over three years... an online and offline venture that he feels will alter social networking as we know it, and make the world a much better place. Pappas refers to the project as LifeRiser.

To reach Greg directly, you can e-mail him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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