Life's Abundance

When it comes to feeding our furry loved ones we want to make sure they are getting the best nutrition possible. They rely on us for almost everything, especially when it comes to dinner time. It can be confusing what to feed our pets and what’s healthy, which is why Life’s Abundance dog food is dedicated to making that choice easier.

Life’s Abundance was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks- a pioneer veterinarian when it comes to pets and their nutrition It was her work that led to everything from delicious treats for good behavior to specific breakfast food, which is the most important meal of the day!

One of the major differences between Life’s Abundance and other brand name products out there is that it contains 32% less calories and 28% less fat. It’s also formulated to help support long-term weight management, which helps keep our loved ones with us longer.

Aside from it being good for the waistline, it’s important that pets are eating food that is meant for them. A 95 pound dog won’t get the same nutrients as a 16 week old puppy. Life’s Abundance has provided both! They have food for puppies as well as for full grown dogs that will help both stay healthy and active. However, food isn’t always enough. Life’s Abundance recognized that dogs need crucial nutrients that only supplements can provide, so they created health-promoting supplements that will help our dog's coat truly shine, while providing the energy to keep them chasing their favorite tennis ball.

As dog owners, we want our loved ones to lead long and healthy lives, and with the help of Life’s Abundance, we can do it.

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