Doggy Shuttle 101

Vickie plans on using a modified shuttle bus to transport the animals. The bus looks somewhat like a smaller version of a school bus and is bright blue so people will see it while she’s traveling. She plans on having the bus splashed with plenty of advertisements, in order to say “Thank You” to CareFree Canine’s many Bighearted supporters.

The bus will need to be renovated in order to care for the dogs. She will take out all of the existing seats to make room for crates -among other things- that the dogs will need during their journey. She also plans on keeping the wheelchair lift in case it comes in handy in the future with older dogs or to lift heavier things into the bus. This bus will be essential for Vickie and what she plans to do for CFC and it will surely make the dogs feel safe and secure while in their way to their new homes.

Animals can’t speak for themselves, which is why CFC and similar organizations are desperately needed. We give a sense of safety and well-being to animals that are suffering and just want to be loved. Pets give us unconditional love and as owners we should give it in return. For CFC, the bus is just the beginning of giving.

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