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Many animals in the Northern region of the United States live under the protection of laws that allow them to hog the bed almost every night of the week, protect their homes from the occasional pedestrian or feel safe themselves knowing that their owners will love them and treat them like family. But unfortunately for animals that find themselves in States like Arkansas, they don’t have the luxury of having leftover lasagna for dinner. Pet owners in The South don’t face the same punishments that people do in The North for animal cruelty. It’s not just animal cruelty but many dogs are left to fend for themselves, without a warm home or meal.

Vickie Richards, the founder of CareFree Canine, is planning her first trip February 6th 2013 to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a 19 1\2 hour drive and 1,200 miles, to pick up dogs that have no homes. She will pass cities like St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Columbus, Ohio and drop off dogs to owners who are patiently waiting at base camps, large parking lots, and other locations, to give these homeless dogs a place they can call their own. She essentially will take the same route back up north, going from the south to The North which is a little bit different than other organizations that take on this enormous -but very rewarding- task. Vickie explains, “Farm land and open fields down in The South are so abundant and vast, and there are so many different breeds running around, that it’s not difficult for owners to pick and choose the breed they want.”

This operation will bring many dogs a new home and get them to a place where they are safe.

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