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Life's Abundance

When it comes to feeding our furry loved ones we want to make sure they are getting the best nutrition possible. They rely on us for almost everything, especially when it comes to dinner time. It can be confusing what to feed our pets and what’s healthy, which is why Life’s Abundance dog food is dedicated to making that choice easier.

Life’s Abundance was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks- a pioneer veterinarian when it comes to pets and their nutrition It was her work that led to everything from delicious treats for good behavior to specific breakfast food, which is the most important meal of the day!

One of the major differences between Life’s Abundance and other brand name products out there is that it contains 32% less calories and 28% less fat. It’s also formulated to help support long-term weight management, which helps keep our loved ones with us longer.

Aside from it being good for the waistline, it’s important that pets are eating food that is meant for them. A 95 pound dog won’t get the same nutrients as a 16 week old puppy. Life’s Abundance has provided both! They have food for puppies as well as for full grown dogs that will help both stay healthy and active. However, food isn’t always enough. Life’s Abundance recognized that dogs need crucial nutrients that only supplements can provide, so they created health-promoting supplements that will help our dog's coat truly shine, while providing the energy to keep them chasing their favorite tennis ball.

As dog owners, we want our loved ones to lead long and healthy lives, and with the help of Life’s Abundance, we can do it.

Doggy Shuttle 101

Vickie plans on using a modified shuttle bus to transport the animals. The bus looks somewhat like a smaller version of a school bus and is bright blue so people will see it while she’s traveling. She plans on having the bus splashed with plenty of advertisements, in order to say “Thank You” to CareFree Canine’s many Bighearted supporters.

The bus will need to be renovated in order to care for the dogs. She will take out all of the existing seats to make room for crates -among other things- that the dogs will need during their journey. She also plans on keeping the wheelchair lift in case it comes in handy in the future with older dogs or to lift heavier things into the bus. This bus will be essential for Vickie and what she plans to do for CFC and it will surely make the dogs feel safe and secure while in their way to their new homes.

Animals can’t speak for themselves, which is why CFC and similar organizations are desperately needed. We give a sense of safety and well-being to animals that are suffering and just want to be loved. Pets give us unconditional love and as owners we should give it in return. For CFC, the bus is just the beginning of giving.

Introduction to CFC

Many animals in the Northern region of the United States live under the protection of laws that allow them to hog the bed almost every night of the week, protect their homes from the occasional pedestrian or feel safe themselves knowing that their owners will love them and treat them like family. But unfortunately for animals that find themselves in States like Arkansas, they don’t have the luxury of having leftover lasagna for dinner. Pet owners in The South don’t face the same punishments that people do in The North for animal cruelty. It’s not just animal cruelty but many dogs are left to fend for themselves, without a warm home or meal.

Vickie Richards, the founder of CareFree Canine, is planning her first trip February 6th 2013 to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a 19 1\2 hour drive and 1,200 miles, to pick up dogs that have no homes. She will pass cities like St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Columbus, Ohio and drop off dogs to owners who are patiently waiting at base camps, large parking lots, and other locations, to give these homeless dogs a place they can call their own. She essentially will take the same route back up north, going from the south to The North which is a little bit different than other organizations that take on this enormous -but very rewarding- task. Vickie explains, “Farm land and open fields down in The South are so abundant and vast, and there are so many different breeds running around, that it’s not difficult for owners to pick and choose the breed they want.”

This operation will bring many dogs a new home and get them to a place where they are safe.

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